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Two Tips for Those Who Use Office Cleaning Services and Are About to Move Into Their New Premises

If you have been using office cleaning services to keep your current premises clean and you're now moving into a different office space, you may find it helpful to follow these two tips.

Get the new office deep-cleaned before you put your furniture and equipment in it

In their haste to get their furniture and equipment set up in the new premises, a lot of business owners in this situation will choose not to have their cleaners deep-clean their new office before they move into it. This is a mistake which you should try not to make during your own office relocation. This is because if the new building has been empty for a while, then its walls, windowsills and floors will probably be quite dusty and dirty.

If you arrange all of your office furniture and install your equipment before having everything cleaned, then the cleaners may not be able to properly clean the surfaces that are behind or underneath your office furniture and equipment. By getting the premises cleaned whilst it is still empty, the cleaners will have no difficulty deep-cleaning it in its entirety.

Let your staff settle in before specifying the new cleaning schedule

Rather than telling the office cleaning service supplier that you want them to send their cleaners as often as they used to or that you want the cleaners to follow the same cleaning schedule as they used to, you should instead wait a few days and let your staff settle into the new office premises before making these decisions. This is because if the office is bigger or smaller than your old one or if you have fewer or more staff members than you did before, then it is possible that you might need to make some changes to the cleaning schedule your cleaners previously followed.

For example, if you downsized and now have half the employees you did in the previous office, you may find that you only need to get the bathrooms cleaned once a day rather than twice a day. This is something you may not realise until your staff members have spent a couple of days in the new building. By giving yourself and your staff a bit of time to get used to the new office, you can then choose an appropriate schedule that will not result in the cleaners doing more work than is actually necessary.

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