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How to Deal with Major Water Damage Following a Flood

With climate change comes weather unpredictability, and a flood that may have been classified as "once in a century" may be a much more regular proposition. Even if your property is not on a floodplain, you may have been impacted by this type of critical weather event, and you will want to take action as soon as possible to clean everything up. What do you need to consider as you get ready to tackle this massive task?

Rolling Up the Sleeves

Even though it may seem to take a long time, floodwater will eventually subside, and in its wake, there may be a lot of damage. The first task is to assess the situation and make sure that you only proceed once you know that it is safe to do so. Crucially, ensure that the electricity is turned off before you venture anywhere near the affected area, and do not be tempted to use any appliances, heaters or pumps that may have been submerged during the event.

Understanding the Challenge

This is not a job for the fainthearted and will require a great deal of strenuous work over a relatively short period of time. After all, you will want to ensure that the residue is cleaned and that everything is dried carefully before any long-term damage can ensue.

Getting Ready

You will need to get some high-quality protective equipment including rubber boots, gloves, masks and eye protection so that you keep your face, skin and clothes safe. Remember, you will be handling debris of unknown origin and some harsh cleaning chemicals as the work unfolds.

As You Begin

Before you can begin to clean, you will need to remove all the dirt or debris that may have been brought into the property by the rising water. Try to dispose of this carefully so that it does not present a problem for anyone else.

If you had a carpet in place before the flood, this might need to be removed and destroyed, together with any underlay. If you had any form of raised floor beneath, then you may have to remove this as well so that you can get down to the bare surface.

Correct Products

Always make sure that you use the proper cleaning products on the individual surfaces that have been affected by the flooding. As such, you may need different products that will work best on different surfaces.

Better Solution

Don't underestimate the scale of this job. You may find it advantageous to hand it over to cleaning experts who have experience. Many people find that this is a far better and less emotionally draining approach. Contact a water damage cleaning service to learn more.