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What Is Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning needs more than just regular vacuuming, especially if it is woollen, cotton or polyester. Dirt, germs, bacteria and contaminants penetrate deep inside the fibres, making it difficult for a vacuum to be 100% effective. Unfortunately, if these contaminants are left to sit on your carpet for too long, you may start experiencing respiration problems or skin irritations. You might also notice a foul smell in your home. Here's what you need to know about carpet cleaning:

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Before considering carpet steam cleaning, confirm whether your carpet manufacturer has indicated whether carpet steam cleaning is safe for your carpet. If so, here is what you need to know about carpet steam cleaning.

Carpet steam cleaning is mostly done by professional carpet cleaners since they have the machines/pieces of equipment required. The process starts with vacuuming and dusting your carpet to remove dust and dirt, which may form mud if it mixes with water. The second step is pre-treatment. It involves the application of a carpet treatment product, which aims to remove any stains.

After these steps are taken, they will move onto pre-spraying. It involves the application of carpet softening products to make the top layer of your carpet soft, which allows the carpet steam cleaning machine to reach deep within your carpet fibres. Following this, they will use a carpet steam cleaner. It emits hot water at high pressure, which is directed to your carpet. Brownish water may be produced, though that is sucked back into the machine. The process continues until the water produced is clear, which means the carpet is clean.

What If Carpet Steam Cleaning Is Not Recommended For Your Carpet?

You can always check whether carpet dry cleaning is safe for your carpet; this is another carpet cleaning method you might come across. Much like the carpet steam cleaning method, your carpet will first be pre-treated using a mixture of dry carpet cleaning solvents and water. 

However, instead of using hot water, a rotary carpet dry cleaning machine, which utilises wet cotton pads, is used. These cotton pads are attached to a rotating base, where the rotating motion dislodges dirt on your carpet. Of course, you might notice the wet cotton pads becoming dirty, at which point they need to be changed. The process continues until the wet cotton pads stop becoming dirty, signifying your carpet is clean.

Choose this method if you also want your carpet to dry quicker. Steam-cleaned carpets dry slower since plenty of water is used. For more information, contact a company like Springfresh Carpet Cleaning.