Making The Most Of Home Cleaning Services

Two things that every good cleaning company does

Are you looking to hire a cleaning company? Here are two things that all good cleaning companies try to do.  

1. They assign specific client properties to specific cleaners

Whilst occasionally, cleaning companies are unable to send the same cleaners to a client's property each day or week, because those cleaners are on holiday or are ill, a reputable cleaning company owner will always try to ensure that their clients' properties are handled by the same cleaners as often as possible.

The reason for this is as follows; even if a cleaner is outstanding at their job, they will still need some time to adjust to cleaning a new client's property. For example, they may need to a few work shifts before they learn exactly how a certain client likes their property to be cleaned, to determine which rooms take the longest to clean and (if the client's property is particularly big) to memorise the route to specific areas in the property that need to be cleaned.  

Because of this, most clients of cleaning companies prefer not to have different cleaners each time. A good cleaning company owner will try to meet this requirement and, on the rare days when they cannot, will ensure that the replacement cleaners that are sent to the client are told everything they might need to know about the property so that they can still adequately do their tasks.

2. They customise their cleaning services 

Good cleaning companies will also try to customise the cleaning services they provide. For example, if a client has several cats or dogs, a cleaning company owner might agree to have their cleaners spend more time mopping and hoovering than they normally would (to ensure that all traces of pet hair and paw prints are removed) and to clean with products that can be safely used in households that have pets.

Similarly, if a client has allergies, the cleaning company might not only tell their cleaners to clean with natural, unscented products but might also tell them to dust with moistened dust cloths, to ensure the irritating dust particles remain stuck to these cloths instead of going into the air (where the client could inhale them). They may also agree to switch on any air filtration machines the client has in their home whilst they clean, to further reduce the amount of irritating debris that becomes airborne as a result of the cleaning.