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Why Sucker Trucks Are Only Becoming More Valuable For More Trades

When it comes to equipment that is used across multiple trades for a wide variety of reasons, the list is quite small. After all, each trade has its own industry-specific needs, and an electricians role is very different to one of, say, an arborist. However, there are a few key areas in which they sometimes intersect, and one of those is excavation. So many different trades require some excavation to varying levels, and without exception, this needs to be done delicately. That is why sucker truck hire is becoming more and more common, and here are a few reasons behind this surge in popularity.

A Delicate Touch

Working around homes and businesses can be extremely challenging for any trade. Plumbers have to be careful not to crack open sewerage lines or water mains; construction workers need to make sure they don't damage existing structures while digging; electricians have to avoid buried cables and even arborists need to avoid killing plants by needlessly affecting their root systems. Sucker truck hire ensures that none of these buried obstacles become hindrances, as it only targets soil and will not vacuum up any solid objects that weigh more than a few grams. This way you can work in complete safety without the threat of the clean-up cost hanging over your head.  


Sucker trucks work very quickly to both disrupt the soil and then vacuum it all up into a self-contained storage area. Using hand tools such as shovels and picks can be very tiring and sucker truck hire is not nearly as expensive as getting full-on excavators involved in minor projects. If you need a little bit of land excavated safely and quickly without disrupting any of the important surrounding areas then your only real choice are sucker trucks as they are more delicate than hand tools and faster in small quantities than any of their competitors.

Fit Into Many Places

There are a few different types of sucker trucks that you can pick from, from little ones that only take up the portion of a ute's carry tray to huge ones that resemble garbage trucks. Smaller sucker trucks might have a smaller capacity to soak up dirt, but they can also get into tiny spaces that would be inaccessible by regular excavators. This is extremely helpful for suburban jobs where houses can be packed together. As such, if you primarily work in the city it is always useful to have the number of a sucker truck hire place in your phone. Contact a sucker truck hire company for more information.